Top Reasons To Pursue Your Doctor Of Nursing Degree


When many people think about nurses, they might think about registered nurses (RNs) who have a four-year degree. This is obviously an excellent career path, and it could be one that you will want to consider if you're interested in nursing. However, there is also the option to earn a doctorate degree in the nursing field. Becoming a doctor of nursing might make sense for you for these reasons: 

You Can Start Slowly

If you are wondering why you should consider a doctor of nursing instead of going to school to be a medical doctor (MD), then you should consider the fact that you can start out more slowly as a doctor of nursing. You can start out by getting a degree as a registered nurse, for example. You can then go to work as a registered nurse while you're taking classes to further your education. There is no similar option like this for someone who is interested in going to medical school. Also, if you're an adult who is already working as a registered nurse, you might have to practically start over if you were to go to school to become a medical doctor. Instead, though, you may be able to build on your current education to work toward a doctor of nursing degree, even if you've been in the workforce and out of school for quite some time now.

You'll Be Able to Lead

You might be a great leader, but as of right now, you might not really qualify for a leadership position in the nursing industry. However, if you become a doctor of nursing, you should have the option to lead others in a hospital, doctor's office, or other medical environment. This is a good way to share your knowledge and experience with other dedicated healthcare providers who provide important healthcare for your patients.

You Can Make a Great Income

Many people enter the healthcare industry specifically because it's known for paying well. This is even true for nurses with lower-level degrees; so while you're working your way up to becoming a doctor of nursing, you should still be able to make a good income. Once you secure your doctor of nursing degree, however, you might find that you qualify for much higher-paying positions in the nursing field. This could be a good way for you to make a good living for yourself and the people who depend on you, all while doing something that helps others and that you are passionate about.

For more information about getting a doctor of nursing degree, reach out to a local school board.


23 February 2022

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