Four Components Of Math That SAT Tutors Help You With


If you are about to take the SAT, you may wonder what kind of math you need to know. In order to get a great score on the SAT, you need to make sure that you know four separate areas of math.

These are the categories you need to be aware of as you work with an SAT math tutor.


One of the main areas SAT math tutors will focus on involves algebra core information. Not only must you demonstrate a basic understanding of algebra, but you must also show that you have knowledge of the procedures involved in solving algebraic equations.

In many questions, you will be asked to interpret expressions and solve equations. You may even be asked to create an equation. You must know how to solve and interpret linear inequalities and linear equations. You must also solve systems of linear equations.

Problem Solving & Data Analysis

These types of math questions will involve a focus on analyzing information like ratios, rates, and proportions. You must study how to solve problems using percentages, measurements, and unit conversions. Additionally, you must use the information to investigate graph features. You must also make inferences given information and compare exponential and linear growth.

Tutors will help you understand information about numerical relationships. You may have to use some additional inferential skills to solve these questions which could mean spending more time on analytical skills.

Advanced Math

You will also be expected to understand the beginning components of advanced math. Often, people work with math tutors specifically for these topics. So what is involved in answering these questions? You must be able to create quadratic functions, create equivalent expressions, solve quadratic equations, perform math functions with polynomial expressions, and solve problems involving linear equations and quadratic equations.

Additional Topics in Math

Other topics in math you need to know can test your overall math and analytical skills. You must be able to solve problems with volume formulas, use the Pythagorean theorem, simplify complex figures, and solve problems using lines, triangles, and angles. You may also solve problems using shapes, including circles.

Consult With a Math SAT Tutor Today

A math SAT tutor can help you distinguish which areas of math you should prioritize as you study. Your tutor will help you work on these fields of math so that you can focus your efforts on problems that help you improve your score. If you are looking for convenience, online SAT math tutoring can be a good solution for you.


26 April 2021

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