A Doctorate of Nursing Can Help Fatigued Nurses Transition to a Related Field


The demands of the nursing profession make it one that calls out to certain types of people, those who find it fits their personality. However, even these individuals may find that the physical and emotional demands may end up wearing them down over time. Thankfully, a nursing doctorate can help out here by providing them with not only more career options but more financial strength as well.

Nursing Is a Rewarding but Challenging Career

Every day, nursing allows people to interact with a very broad array of people in a caring environment. And those who enjoy it find great reward in this interaction. Sadly, nurses are required to be constantly on their feet and performing many physical tasks, which may end up wearing them out. And the regular deaths that occur in hospitals may also numb them emotionally and cause harrowing psychological side effects.

This type of emotional and physical fatigue can impact a nurse's career in many ways by making it harder for them to fully handle the demands of their profession. Some may even burn out and try to find an unrelated career but miss the nursing field in general. As a result, it is often necessary for these individuals to get higher training to push themselves into a related nursing career that meets their needs.

Why a Doctorate in Nursing Is a Good Choice

Nurses who earn a doctorate degree provide themselves with a larger range of potential career options. For instance, a nurse with a doctorate may end up finding themselves promoted to higher managerial positions, ones in which they don't have as many hands-on duties. In this way, they may be able to transition to less challenging roles physically in a position that pays more than they'd get otherwise.

Some nurses may even find that they can move to a teaching role in a university, helping to prepare young nurses for their future careers. This option is a great choice for those who like training and education and find the busy nature of a hospital or medical facility harder to handle. Though education provides its own challenges, being a teacher won't be as hectic or physically demanding for them.

Though a doctorate degree can be a challenging thing to earn for many nurses, finally finishing a program and earning more money or becoming a professor is often worth the trouble financially and emotionally. And a doctorate can also serve as a great source of pride for a nurse and their family, especially if few people in that family have obtained or attempted to get a higher degree like a doctorate.

Talk to an education center if you are interested in getting a doctor of nursing.


12 February 2021

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