How To Motivate Your Dealership Sales Team


When you have a group of salesmen and women, you have to train them to do their best; especially if you run a car dealership. A car dealership's success depends on a few things including a good inventory, integrity, and a strong sales team. If your sales people aren't doing their jobs or they're lacking in motivation, then it's time that you give them some training and strategies to make good things happen on the sales floor. 

Lucky for you, there are companies that specialize specifically in dealership sales training, which means that you won't have to do the training all on your own. When you send your sales team to these trainings, they will learn unique selling strategies, how to close on a deal, and how to make customers fall in love with all of your cars. Once they have spent a few days at one of these trainings, they can then practice everything they learned on the sales floor. 

Every time you hire a new sales person, consider putting them through a dealership sales training so that everyone on your sales floor is on the same page and has the exact same knowledge and training. 

Set Up a Healthy Competition

Everybody loves a healthy competition. Set up a competition among all of your sales team members to win things such as prizes. For instance, if a sales member on your team makes a huge goal, they may be eligible to win something like a paid vacation. Just make sure that you are setting goals that are hard enough to reach so your members will have to push themselves, but not too out of reach that they won't even want to try. 

Have Regular Team Meetings

When your sales team feels united, they are more likely to be successful. Although each salesperson will have their own goals that they need to reach, when they can use each other to close on deals, they are more likely to be successful. Try setting up regular weekly meetings where you not only discuss goals, but work through imaginary scenarios. Although these types of scenarios are made up, they will help your members act on the spot and know how to handle difficult customers and unique situations. Encourage each person to help the others problem solve and make their way through the issue. 

Managing a team of salespeople can be difficult, but by ensuring they are motivated it can make your job a lot easier. 


21 February 2020

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